She’s Quirky…and She’s Just My Type

Well, I’ve managed to pick up a lovely cold, so I feel pretty craptastic this fine Saturday morning, a Saturday morning where I really need to get my fat ass into work and finish prepping for my show that starts rehearsals on Monday with OVER 50 CHILDREN. You know what that means…this cold ain’t goin’ nowhere.

I keep seeing this Quirky meme thing being posted on other blogs, so I’m stealing the idea. I’m new to this bloggy business, so I don’t know the rules, and I haven’t been tagged…so I’m not tagging anyone else. And I’m trying really hard not to say “Enjoy”, because it bothers some people.

Six Quirky Things about Me:

  1. I like to put black pepper on my ketchup. It’s a weird thing I picked up from one of my college roommates.
  2. I find office supply stores soothing. There’s something about the promise of organization that calms my soul. Sometimes I like to just go to Staples and hang out.
  3. I like to keep my CD’s and DVD’s in alphabetical order. I never thought this was terribly quirky, but apparently not everyone spends hours making sure their CD’s are totally organized, first by artist name, then if there are multiple CD’s by one artist, by release year.
  4. I have a weird obsession with food safety…it drives me crazy if I see food sitting out on the counter for too long. My mother will leave food out for hours as she’s cooking, and I have to follow along behind her and put stuff back in the fridge. It’s almost a compulsion.
  5. I have trouble watching TV if I don’t have my laptop right in front of me. The times that the computer has had to go in for service I felt very, very naked and a little anxious until I got the computer back.
  6. I buy tons of books at thrift stores and book sales, and may never get around to reading all of them. I currently have 4 books checked out at the library, and am only close to finishing one. Does that make me a book hoarder? Hmmmm.

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