August 14, 1982 – Saturday

Today we went to the Farmer’s Market. We bought some peas, potatoes, October beans, and tomatoes. Oh, yeah, and some corn. We shelled peas & beans all afternoon. The movie was okay this morning. I am SO sleepy!

My Dad was (and still is) a big, big fan of the Farmer’s Market…but not in a “let’s find something fresh to make for dinner tonight” kind of way. He’s more of a “we might have a blizzard in Tennessee this winter, so let’s buy a ton of vegetables and throw them all in the freezer for later” kind of shopper. I’m still amazed when I go home to visit my parents at the vast amounts of food that they have stored up for just the two of them. I guess they get brownie points for supporting local farmers, but it seems like an enormous waste if the food can’t possibly be eaten before it gets freezer burn.


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