September 4, 1982 – Saturday

Dear Di Elizabeth, (that’s your name now)

Sorry I haven’t written. I’ve been busy. So here’s what’s happened: I got my perm, I went to school, got my ****** the 24th, found out Christy was my very best friend yesterday, & went to Franklin & Castener’s. Bought a book at Bookworld called Vampires, Spies, & Alien Beings by R.G. Austin. It’s a WhichWay book where you choose directions at the end of a page and go to a different page. You can have lots of different stories based on one idea. It’s really neat.

I have a cold today. I think I caught it from Robin. She’s stayed home from school most of the week. As you know, we share a room.

I wish I weren’t so fat. I would absolutely die for sure! if a guy like Scott E asked me to go with him the way I am now. (Scott E is in the 7th grade & has almost a FULL moustache! No kidding! He has more hair on his upper lip than Justin! He has black hair winged back and brown eyes and plays percussion in our band. (By the way, I play flute.) I mean, I don’t LUST after him, but HECK he’s cute! I wouldn’t mind going with him. He’s got a terrific personality & sense of humor. Well, it’s 10:30 so this is T.L.S. signing off on the beautiful day of September 4! Over & out!

Wow…there’s so much going on in this post! First, please note that this is proof that I have ALWAYS been awful at keeping diaries and journals, so if I seem to drop off of the blogosphere for a month or so, don’t despair. I usually come back.

The cryptic ******* in this entry refers to me getting my period, which I guess I didn’t want to talk about, even to myself. I do think it’s interesting that getting my period coincided with the beginning of my boy-crazy phase. Hormones, anyone? I’ve already pointed out my horrible self-image problems; they don’t get any better from this point on. Thank God I can look back on this and laugh my ass off.


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