Her sister’s name is Prell

I got my new computer yesterday! After all of the transferring files & updating software (which took forever), I started digging through some of the new features in OS 10.5. Cover Flow is really cool…it lets you see a file before you open it. I found a picture that I’d forgotten about while flipping through some old files:


Check the name. If I hadn’t clipped this out of a Wal-Mart ad with my own two hands, I would tell you it was pure bullshit. I wonder how it is going through life being named after a can of hairspray?

UPDATE:  After a little Google searching, it seems that “Acquanetta” is a legitimate name.  I still think it’s unfortunate.


1 Response to “Her sister’s name is Prell”

  1. 1 karla March 29, 2008 at 2:15 am

    There was a girl in my high school named Latrina.

    I shit you not.

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