December 22, 1982 – Wednesday

Hi! Scott’s not quitting band. I’m so glad because now no-one else (hopefully) will quit.

Only 3 more Days Till Xmas!  I can’t wait! I’ve already got my gifts from my friends. I got two new books from Tina, a Garfield poster from Donna that says “I’m not overweight, I’m undertall.” Isn’t that cute? A pair of orange safety pin earrings from Allyson and also some purple-glitter nail polish from her. I got Strawberry lip gloss from Amy and Grape from Gina. And that’s all from my friends. Last night Nicole threw a party for the people who drew names. We had fun playing “Odessy2” – mostly “Pick-Axe Pete”. Me, Julie, Nikki, Tina, and especially Dana Cagle were junkies before the night was over.You know what? I am a victem of L-O-V-E. I like Scott E., Jay R., & Darren S. I’ve like Darren since last year.

Today was our last day of school till January 5, 1983. I’ll try to write more as my New Year’s resolution.

Today we (the band) had to play for the school assembly. We didn’t see all the performances because we were running late.

Well, I gotta go!

Love, Totally,


There is a lovely note from my sister after this entry…”Robin was here, ’83′”. That hooker, how dare she read my sacred diary!

I must have been a lovely sight, running around Nashville with my radical safety pin earrings and glitter nail polish! I would love to think that I was a super-arty, hip young thing, but I know for a fact that I was a geeky nerd child with a hipster dying to come out. And again, who knew that I was such a horndog???


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