I’m still here…

I’m about 15 minutes late getting ready for work this morning, but thought I should take a moment to write, since I’ve been so off in the last several weeks.  Our world premiere work opened on Friday night, and I think that everything went well…the audiences so far have been very receptive to the piece. We didn’t have performances on Sunday or Monday, so I took some well-deserved time off with my honey.

Sunday we drove to Fort Hall, Idaho, and played at their little Indian casino.  You know that you haven’t been anywhere in a while when you get excited about interstate driving and reaching speeds of 75 miles per hour.  The casino is small, VERY smoky, and the service at their grill SUCKED, but we had an excellent time playing slots.  I actually walked out having blown only $60.00 of the $200.00 I’d set aside for gambling, so it was a great day of gaming for me.  Someday I’ll learn to quit when I’m actually ahead.  Someday.

Yesterday we actually reached temperatures around 60° (whoohoo), so I spent some time outdoors, cleaning off the deck and enjoying my favorite summer drink, the mojito.  After a drunken phone call to my best friend, I grilled some burgers, and we watched WALK HARD:  THE DEWEY COX STORY over dinner.  Sigh.  I love a good day off!

Today we’re supposed to see a big storm system blow in, bringing rain, hail, & strong winds.  What’s the weather supposed to bring for the rest of the week?  You guessed it:  snow showers.  ARGH!  Dear Mother Nature:  for the love of all things holy…enough with the cold & the snow.  I just can’t take it much longer.  Thanks in advance,  Tracy.


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