I’ve Got a Rocket in My Pocket

After all of my yapping about the weather yesterday, Mother Nature threw us a bone and showed us the money for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Just before we left the house to shoot rockets there was a break in the weather, and it actually ended up being a really beautiful afternoon.

A small break in the spring rains

Terry decided that it would be brilliant if we got the bikes out and rode over to the park, so we did…and I learned:

  • Friends don’t let friends bike drunk (I’d had a glass of wine before leaving the house)
  • I’m sooooo out of shape! I was completely winded by the time we got to the park, and it was a less-than-5 minute ride up the bike path. Shit.

I obviously need to work up some stamina. A winter’s worth of inactivity has definitely taken a toll on this fat ass.

Anyhoo, rocket-launching was SO much fun. Fireworks aren’t allowed around here, but rocket-launching is apparently quite legal, and almost as much fun. Especially when you’re working on an adult juice box:

Yummy Adult Juice Box

It might be the trashiest way I’ve enjoyed a pretty decent wine…straight out of a paperboard box. I guess it might have been trashier if I’d drunk it through a straw…it’s hard to say!

At any rate, more pictures from the rocket launch can be found on my Flickr page. Good times!


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