I am losing my mind…

I feel like I’m just sitting on my hands while I’m waiting to hear about funeral arrangements for my grandmother.  I want to book a ticket to Nashville, but I need to know when the services are going to be so I can time the flights!  Grrrrr….argh…I am just so freakin’ impatient.

And on another note…I’m trying to clean out my cubicle today, as that seems to be the only thing I can do without stressing out too much, and the new business manager in the next cubicle is defeating the purpose of headphones by blasting the music out so loudly that I can hear every SINGLE song as if I were playing it myself.  FUUUUUUUCK ME!

If I had a handful of nicotine gum on me, I’d be chewing it like there were no tomorrow.


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