June 16, 1983 – Wednesday

Well, hey.  Nuthin’s been happenin’ much around here.  We went to see Granny and Mammy (curse that old hag).

Did I tell you that Justin is working at Kroger’s now?  Well he is.  He likes it, I think.

What in the world I’m writing now is beyond me.  I’m a very wierd kid.  Good grief, look at the time!  (9:47 P.M.) Well, nothing (like I said) is or has been happening today.  So I guess I’ll go now.  Been nice talking to ya again.  See ya!

P.S.  The reason that I don’t write every day is because not every day is there something worth writing about!  When I have something that I feel is important to write about (or) if I’m in the mood to write.  Just wanted to explain myself.


Tracy (10:06)

Ah…from the mouths of babes.  I’m trying to be better about writing in my blog, but you know, I think I had it right in ’83.  Wait ’til the muse strikes.  And good lord, I wish I hadn’t been so hateful about my great-grandmother.  She couldn’t help it, she was just really, really OLD.


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