Catching up…

My resolve to try to keep this blog rolling along has been flagging, people…I’m just terrible at posting regularly.  Since so much and so little has been happening at the same time, a bullet post is in order.  Enjoy:

  • Summer is officially over in Jackson Hole…it was so short!  We had a 3″ snowfall in early October, but then a lovely Indian summer which made that all better.  Now I’m sitting in rehearsals for SCROOGE:  THE MUSICAL, and it’s snowing like it means it.  I know the skiers are all hoping for another monster winter like last year (over 600″ of recorded snowfall), but as a non-skier, I can’t say I’m looking forward to another grueling winter.  If I knew it would end before June, it would help matters immensely.
  • The hubby and I decided that we were definitely too chubby, so we started the South Beach diet in September.  So far, it’s going very well.  Terry’s lost about 30 pounds, I’ve lost about 20.  We’re both feeling much better these days without all the sugar, pizza, cookies & crackers in our lives.  The diet is extremely easy to follow, and we’re both rediscovering a love of veggies.
  • Unfortunately, we’ve both picked up smoking again…that needs to stop SOON.  It’s a habit that I wish I’d never picked up, and it’s by far the hardest thing in the world to quit.  Stupid cigarettes.
  • I feel like a total asshole tonight because I somehow turned off my Facebook email notifications, and just saw where my best friend’s sister posted that my BFF is in the hospital…and it’s too late to call her parents to find out what the hell is going on.  Apparently she went into a diabetic coma last night, and is doing better today…but holy crap, I need to call tomorrow and find out what is going on.  It’s incredibly hard to be 1800 miles away from someone who can use the support of a friend.
  • By the way…did you hear that Obama won the Presidency?  I literally wept before he even spoke a word of his speech on election night.  I’m so filled with hope for our country, but at the same time, I’m filled with fear.  Comparisons are constantly being made between him and JFK, and I just want to remind everyone of what happened to JFK.  I hope that the Secret Service is working their asses off to keep this man and his family safe.  I can’t wait to see what Obama can do for this country.  The excitement that he brought back to politics is just electrifying.

I’m sure there’s more happening in my life and in the world, but that’s what’s on my mind tonight.  I should tune back into rehearsals now, so until next time…peace out, y’all.


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