Another Quizzy Thing (aka Could You Survive a Great Depression?)

You Are 66% Likely to Survive Another Great Depression

Even though you may not be expecting the worst, you’re the type of person who prepares for the worst.

You live a relatively modest life. You don’t overspend, and you aren’t very materialistic.

You are also quite self sufficient and independent. You have many useful skills.

You can take care of yourself and those you love… which is crucial to surviving another Great Depression.

Okay, it turns out that my last post was incorrect on a couple of points:

  • I have done another quizzy-thingy meme in the past – something about quirkiness.  I didn’t remember it until I saw that someone had viewed that post.  D’oh!
  • I also realized that I miscounted my piercings…I actually have three.  I added an extra earring back in college, and I guess I always think of the two original holes as one thing.

I just found this quiz through NYC Watchdog, and thought I would see what my results were.  My father and I have been talking a lot lately about the possibility of another Great Depression.  Apparently my grandmother (who lived through the first Depression) used to warn my father that it could happen again.  He has spent most of his adult life thinking that it couldn’t happen, that we are too advanced as a society for it to happen again, and look where we are now.  Lo and behold, it’s a very REAL possibility.

I work in the arts.  My income has always been on the low end, and heaven knows, I could lose my job at any moment because funding for the arts is so hard to come by.  I currently live in the most expensive place I’ve ever lived, but I take heart in the knowledge that I have a little shack back in Tennessee that is 100% paid for.  We can always move back there.  We have no debt to speak of, and we live within our means.  I take pride in the fact that we try not to buy anything that we can’t afford to pay for, and that we make a habit of saving money by eating at home and entertaining ourselves at home.  We don’t lack for the things we want, we just try to keep the urge to buy new stuff under control and take care of the things we own.

My point is, if America DOES sink into another Great Depression, I think that (outside of a major medical emergency) my husband and I could survive for a good while without having to make significant lifestyle changes.  What would a Great Depression mean for you?


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