Four Months Later…

It’s been a blur since I last updated the ol’ blog-a-roonie…it’s definitely been a challenge keeping theatre alive in the Wild, Wild West, and I’ve been working my tail off and ignoring writing.  Bad me.  Here’s the high (and low) points of the last few months:

March: Kid’s musical (Seussical), and then a road-trip to Las Vegas.  Both were excellent good times.  We got to see the Divine Miss M in concert while in Vegas, and yes, I bawled like a baby when she sang “Hello in There”.  We also got our first doses of In-N-Out Burgers and Trader Joe’s, and I was hooked.  I could be a West coast girl for life just for those two establishments.

April/May: Nothing new to report…just the “will spring ever arrive” blahs, and rehearsing for our musical revue (Starting Here, Starting Now). Also dove into my new job of graphics designer for the theatre (as a cost-cutting measure), and designed my first-ever show poster.

June/July: Intensive rehearsals & performances of the musical revue, then a crazy three-week rehearsal period for our summer musical, which just opened Thursday night.  On top of stage-managing that beast, I also designed the graphics, which was a feat in and of itself…I think the poster design went through 999 changes before it was approved to go to print.  And by “go to print”, I mean before I printed all of those puppies out myself for distribution.

June & July have been a blur for the most part, except for two things:  my mother found out she has breast cancer, and yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of my dear high school friend Donnie’s death.  Luckily, my mom’s cancer has been caught early, and right now her treatment has been a lumpectomy and radiation treatments, which begin on Monday.  I’m flying to Nashville in two weeks to visit her and my dad, who will be celebrating his 65th birthday.  Truthfully, I can’t wait to see the folks, and my adorable nephews!  I’ve missed them all terribly.

So that’s it, in a nutshell.  As soon as I finish this online poker game I’m in the middle of, I’m off to work to continue fine-tuning the projections I created for the show, work on some of the props, and rehearse an understudy who has to go on tomorrow night.  I can’t wait to get my schedule back to “normal” so I can resume my South Beach dieting and exercise routine!

Kisses to those who care…



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