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Will The Fun Never End?

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am blogging from work, and my Christmas recap will be postponed indefinitely.

Thanks, Apple.

Just before Christmas, I noticed that my beloved MacBook had developed a small crack beneath the trackpad.  Nothing huge, just a little hairline crack that ran vertically from the trackpad button to the edge of the computer.  I made a mental note to call Applecare when I got home from vacation.

Lo and behold, last Saturday morning I noticed that there was another crack forming – on the right wrist rest area, exactly where the little plastic tab on the screen hits when it closes.  I called Applecare immediately, and had no problem setting up a mail-in repair order.  Later that night, the plastic near the new crack just fell off.  Nice.

Anyhoo, Applecare rocks, and the box to ship the computer to repair was on my doorstep Monday afternoon.  I sent the ‘puter off on Tuesday, and had it back in my hands yesterday morning.  Awesome turnaround, although I was completely lost without the laptop for 3 nights.  I actually read a book.  Hardcore.

So yesterday morning I was ecstatic about the return of my beloved MacBook.  On first glance, it looked very pretty…a new keyboard cover was in place, and I think they may have put in a new keyboard and trackpad as well.  Then I tried using the computer.

Something is very, very wrong…whenever I place any pressure on the wrist-rest area, the computer acts like I’ve pushed the trackpad button.  It moves the cursor, it selects text, it deletes text (like a cut & paste, without the “paste”).  Meanwhile, the trackpad button no longer clicks.  So, I’m back on the phone with Applecare.  Once again, the customer service rep was very nice and apologetic, and put in a new repair order.  The box should be here on Monday.

But wait…there’s more!  I was rooting around online last night to see if other MacBook users have had the same problems that I’m experiencing, and find out that everything I am experiencing is a known issue.  Great.  Then I see that people’s external cases are cracking as well, so I start checking out my case a little more closely.  Crap!  I have a crack on the side where a screw was obviously tightened too hard, a crack on the front edge of the case, and a crack on the back near the fan!  My beloved MacBook is falling apart!  Not to mention that the new keyboard cover was kind of buckled on one side and gapping.  Argh.

So this morning I spoke to my third AppleCare rep this week.  Jose was a pretty nice guy, but he obviously didn’t believe me when I said that there were no Apple service centers in my immediate area, and had to spend a few minutes confirming it for himself.  (For the record, the nearest one is 130 miles away.)  Eventually he understood that I just wanted to put a note on the existing service order to look at the issue of the cracks & gaps, and did so.  Thanks, sweet Jose.

I love Apple.  I love Apple products.  If I made more money, I would own Apple stock and every Apple product out there.  This MacBook is the fourth Apple laptop I have owned, and it saddens me that it is falling apart at less than one year old.  It’s obviously just not made well.  As always, I have purchased the Applecare Protection Plan and have faith that Apple will continue fixing the unit…but why would they WANT to continue having to repair what is obviously a design/manufacturing defect?  Sigh.

Long story longer, as of Monday I will be without my sweet, sweet laptop for another 3 days or so.  I’ll be reading blogs, posting on Twitter, checking on my Facebook peeps, and playing poker watching CS3 tutorials on my super-crappy work computer until the Mac is back.

Thanks for letting me vent.


September 20, 1982

Dear Diary,

We had nothing but exercizes today in gym. I hate gym & Mrs. Sherrill. Yuck! Yuck!

That love affair with exercise continues to this day. I did become a gym rat for a brief moment in time – about two years ago – and actually loved it, but then I fell out of the habit of going regularly. Now I’m really regretting it, since I’m heavier now than I’ve ever been, and at my age, I can really feel how the extra weight is affecting me. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive so I can play outside more.

On a completely unrelated note…only two more days until my new (refurbished) MacBook arrives! Hurrah! I’m going to be playing The Sims again! I had to take the game off of the Powerbook…it was just eating up way too much hard drive space, and the processor was working so hard I’d burn my lap if I was playing it on the sofa. I love those freakin’ Sims.

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